Our Wales: For Her

BE.FOOTBALL is part of The FAW’s ‘Our Wales: For HER’ strategy

This campaign brand aims to inspire women and girls to BE their best self and encourage and support more women and girls, aged from 13 to in their 20’s, to watch, follow, play, volunteer or work in the game.

BE.FOOTBALL was introduced to tackle some of the societal barriers, and to tackle confidence barriers that prevent women and girls from participating in football.

In 2021 we launched our first Women and Girls Football Strategy, Our Wales: For HER

Our empowering and authentic storytelling has gripped the nation and there is growing momentum and energy across all levels of the game. We are bold, brave and inclusive and are proud to celebrate our differences.

Growing momentum


increase in participation numbers


the average attendance at our Cymru Women’s National Team matches

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships

Our partners can support us to provide the platform for her to reach her full potential. Come and be a change maker – for HER

Benefits For Partners


Optimism for women’s and girl’s sports is at an all-time high


UK TV viewership is up, there’s greater attendance and more media coverage all around – on every platform – the ultra desirable 16-24 demographic!


Our untapped market has a high potential for growth


This Moment! We can redefine what a partnership together looks like


Unique opportunity to lock in a partnership that delivers a superior return on investment at an affordable price which produces a better ratio of return


You can become part of the change